Our Claims Philosophy

We believe claims settlements are the windows through which our clients view the effectiveness of their insurance programme. We are unique amongst brokers in Oman in maintaining a claims department of 10 staff under the management of a qualified Chartered Loss Adjuster. The in depth technical knowledge and streamlined systems in place at our Head Office are available to assist all our clients world wide.

While we manage claims on an individual basis, we prefer to ensure a claims management system is in place to minimize administration and delay and ensure that all parties are kept aware of the progress of any claim from incident to settlement and perhaps recovery. We have available web based systems to facilitate notification of claims and ensure that our client are immediately aware of the documentation which insurers will required and the procedure which should be followed.

In all cases, we will need to know your :

1. Name
2. Address
3. Telephone Number
4. Fax Number
5. E-Mail Address (if available)
6. Your Policy Details
7. The details of the circumstances and the amount of the loss you have incurred

In the event of a motor accident :

1. Do not admit liability.
Irrespective of the circumstances, an admission of liability may prejudice your insurance and prevent your insurance company being able to act on your behalf.

2. Do exchange insurance details and arrange for the police to inspect the circumstances of the accident immediately.
Take photographs of the damage and the third party plate number to ensure that you have a permanent record

3. Advise us.
Your insurance company should be given details of the incident in case the other party contacts them. You may instruct your insurer that you are providing details for information purposes only, if you do not wish them to deal with the claim.