Our clients operate in a wide spectrum of industry and commerce including such diverse areas as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Government Institutions

To be successful in a highly competitive market however, we must concentrate in those areas where we know we can excel, working with clients who:

  • Require innovative and cost effective solutions to risk exposures,
  • Demand a high level of personal service,
  • Wish to deal with a senior director on serious issues,
  • Expect the highest levels of technical expertise and experience,
  • Take risk seriously.

We will prepare for you a comprehensive “risk solution” to help you minimize the total cost of risk not simply provide an off the shelf insurance policy.

RMS Can Help You With
Personalised Professional Advice We can provide independent professional advice, directed to your specific business. Our recommendations take into account all of the information, which we can learn about your business, your management style and your attitude toward risk retention.
Product range We have at our disposal the entire range of insurance products available in the world markets. Where these do not fit your specific needs, we are able to adapt existing products or tailor new products to provide the widest protection.
Status As the largest risk consultant and insurance broker in Oman and a major player in the region, we are able to negotiate with insurers from a position of strength. This enables us to provide highly competitive terms and assistance when those difficult claims need to be settled. The markets know and respect us as professional risk advisors.
Risk Management Our task is to minimise the total cost of risk to our clients. By reviewing your business operations we can identify those areas of exposure that can be eliminated at an acceptable cost. The total cost of risk is not simply the annual insurance premiums. Far more costly can be the administrative cost of losses, the consequences to your ongoing business and the effect they have on your company image.
Programme Management This is our specialty. We can act as your insurance department, establishing a well managed programme and providing management reports to keep you advised of your “cost of risk”. This will release the time and energy of your own staff to fulfilling your own corporate goals.
Price Insurance premiums can be a significant part of your corporate expenses and you will certainly be looking for opportunities to minimise these costs. We are well versed in current trends in the international insurance markets and know the market niche of major insurers. We know the premium levels insurers should expect for any risk and have the market clout and the negotiating skills to obtain the best terms for your insurance programme. At the same time, we will not sacrifice the strength of the protection you chose to buy for minor savings in premium. We will recommend comprehensive cover in line with your own attitude to risk and endeavour to ensure that you are involved only with Insurers offering suitable levels of security.
Claims Losses do happen in spite of the very best risk management programmes. In the event of a crisis, our task is to bring about fair and timely settlement of your claim. We ensure that your claims are properly presented and fully documented so that delays do not occur. The insurance markets we use are chosen in part because of their positive attitude toward payment of claims.
Our Remuneration Insurers believe we fulfill an important role in administering insurance programmes. Accordingly, while we act on your behalf as our client, the insurers with whom we place cover pay for our services. Our services are available to our clients free of charge.

In fact we will almost certainly be able to show substantial savings to any new client whose risk management and insurance programme we are asked to review.

We do take a very pragmatic and flexible approach to the way in which we are remunerated and are prepared to discuss alternative fee structures in specific cases.